Sydney & Keisuke

are getting married

June 18th, 2022

Our Story

Sydney and Keisuke met back when they were only 13 years old in September of 2007. They both went to Beaumont Middle School, and later went to Grant High School together. 

After being friends for 4 years, they started liking each other as more than friends in January of 2011. On Valentine’s day, Keisuke came into Sydney’s classroom with his a capella group, and sang “For the Longest Time” by Billy Joel, to Sydney in front of the whole class. In March of 2011, they became official. 

They went to prom together, spent high school graduation together, and then went off to college together at Oregon State. 

They lived on the same floor in the Dorms for half of their Freshman year before moving into a house with Sydney’s best friend Katy Germundson (Murphy at the time). Once Katy moved to La Grande, they got another house just the two of them. 

Now, they own their own house together in Tigard, Oregon, with their beloved kitty Momo.    


The Proposal

Originally, Keisuke wanted to propose to Sydney on her birthday, October 29th, but the ring didn’t arrive on time as planned. It came the morning of October 30th, and Keisuke got ready to pop the question that evening. 

Keisuke took Sydney to La Buca for her “Birthday dinner”, the restaurant they went to on their first date. After having a nice meal, they drove up to Council Crest to see the city, a spot they used to go a lot when they first started dating. 

Sydney thought right then, Keisuke was going propose. But he didn’t…. yet.

They headed back home and got ready to relax for the night. While Sydney was distracted watching The Office, he tied a ribbon around Momo’s (cat) neck. Keisuke was petting Momo by the heater, and Sydney told him to come over to the couch with her. He set Momo on Sydney’s lap and she started petting her. That’s when she felt the ribbon…

Attached to the ribbon was the ring!

She said yes! And the rest is history.  


The Day of

The wedding ceremony will be held outside on the front lawn if weather permits, otherwise, it will be in the ballroom inside. Dinner will be served after the ceremony. Beer, wine, hard cider, and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided and cocktails will be available for purchase.
Saturday, June 18th, 2022
4:30PM to 10:30PM

Columbia Edgewater Country Club
2220 NE Marine Dr, Portland, OR 97211

Code: #61822

Taylor Hippler

Matron of Honor

Katy Germundson

Matron of Honor

Yuki Harry


Karina Polenske


Nick Deale

Best Man

Eric Germundson

Best Man

Will Denner


Jack Fitzpatrick


Roland Larsen


Nick Polenske



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